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Every day I realise how lucky I am. I have a loving family, a role I enjoy and in the past have done much travelling. To get to my office (the long walk from kitchen to desk) I walk past this wonderful 3D map pictured here. A “big birthday” gift that was handcrafted for me by the brilliant artist Sara Drake and intersperses some of my favourite landmarks with personal touches from places that mean a lot to me.

Every day, on my short commute I take a moment to pause and take in the map and its many treasures. I am energised by it & it reminds me that the world is a much bigger place than lockdown (or sometimes more mundane constraints) allow it to be. Travel has broadened my mind and inspired me to do more, be more and see more. Every time I look at it I seem to notice a different detail, the colourful cars on a bridge, a tiny penguin, the steam from a train. I see countries I have explored & lands I would love to visit.

For me inspiration comes from this time, a brief moment to connect with my love of travel and the memories and plans it invokes. Coaching & mentoring inspires me too – helping people find their own inspiration and pathways fills me with energy and purpose.

Inspiration comes in many forms, the arts, people, science, the outdoors, the list is endless and is shaped by who we are, our preferences and experiences. On what is promising to be another grey and chilly November Monday I’ve shared some of my inspiration -and whether it be a quiet cup of tea or scaling a mountain – I’d love to hear what inspires you?