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The past 2 months of setting up my own business have been among the most challenging, rewarding and satisfying of my working life to date – and I have loved it. 

One of the adjustments made has been going from being a part of a team to – working with clients aside – becoming ‘me, myself and I’ in my working life.

So when it was time to give out the inaugural Richer Solutions Employee of the Month Award  TM… the winner was…me (I’ll spare you the full speech but I was surprised, overwhelmed, grateful to my family etc). I very much enjoyed Barnsole’s English Sparkling Fizz that (ahem) happened to be part of the award, along with the congratulations of my efforts from co-workers (there was a definite increase in the dog’s tail wags when the award was announced). 

Joking aside, a sense of achievement and recognition of success or progress is a good feeling; and whether an employee or business owner it’s really important to celebrate these moments. I have received some great feedback from customers and it’s been a confidence boost as a new business owner to receive early validation that my business is heading in the direction it needs to.

On Friday I quoted Ferris Bueller. Ferris was and is right, “The world does move pretty fast and sometimes you need to stop and look around or you could miss it.” I am not advocating taking a day off and getting away with it, more its important to realise what you have done – otherwise what’s the point?

As coach or a mentor it’s important to celebrate success, to help your clients celebrate their’s as a key aim is to make a positive difference. Working hard and getting results is what drives businesses forward – recognising and celebrating the successes is important to continue the trend and ensure they are repeated. As Tallahassee puts it in Zombieland “you have to enjoy the small things.”

In January I may or may not retain employee of the month status (the dog is hot on my heels), but much more important is that the feeling of satisfaction that my business is achieving its goals and getting results for clients, remains. 

Merry Christmas Everyone. What are you recognising yourself for this month, or year?