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Unexpected Item in Baggage Area

Normally when I hear these words it’s in a store as I go through self-checkout and all I think is I wish I had bloody queued up. However, this post is a positive take on this.

Over the last week, I had a couple of unexpected parcels turn up, the first was from Glyn Shepherd. He and I have been successfully working together looking at how we grow the CCMS business over the past couple of months, he wanted me to share with him a toast at the end of July. Rum and chocolate cigars! Happy days, they arrived beautifully wrapped in a Selfridges box and as it is the last Friday of the month this week I will have to tuck into both.

A good business friend of mine, who has worked so hard to build his independent bar sign business Ashley Turner sent me a T-shirt this week, my second unexpected item in the bagging area. We have spent many hours on Zooms brainstorming ways to grow his business, and he helped me fit out of my own garden bar during lockdown. I will wear my T-shirt whilst pouring the rum…

I always feel so lucky to work with such a diverse and interesting group of clients, it is also so humbling when they take the effort to send something in the post, leave a review, or like Rabia Mirza did a youtube post embedded into her Linkedin. This is an unexpected but very welcome item in the baggage area, maybe it’s time for us all to leave something positive out there.