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I always fancied being a Jedi and I like to think that in some ways I am. Not because I own a lightsaber, but because I work with padawans.

Here’s an interesting thing about padawans. Originally, the phrase referred in a bit of a specific manner to a Jedi apprentice. Now it’s being used more widely to mean a learner. What is a mentee if not someone ready to learn?

My wonderful mentees come from a variety of backgrounds. They all do different things. Their businesses are in different parts of the world. What they all have in common is a goal that are passionate about achieving and an uncertainty about how to get there. My role is to encourage them to think a bit differently. I want them to explore paths they’ve not considered. To face the things that are standing in their way. 

I’ve been a padawan. I still am. If you’re in business you need the right scaffolding to support you and a mentor is part of that. Unlike chatting with a colleague or a mate in the pub, mentoring time is all about you. Having the focus on you can feel a bit uncomfortable sometimes but that’s because mentoring is an emotional process, filled with tears and laughter.

Ways I work with my mentees like a Jedi:

I was but the learner, now I am the master

All mentors have been padawans. In fact, you can expect us to still be padawans. We need someone to guide us.

Stretch out with your feelings

Jedi don’t give in to feelings of anger. Let’s look at things together and see what you can learn about yourself, your customers and your business. Feel the Force…

Jedi mind tricks

I do have a light saber but I don’t use it on mentees! Instead, I have a far more useful and exciting box of tools to make you change your mindset. 

Not giving into the Dark Side

I’ll steer you away from false paths and help you to harness your unique talents. What’s more Jedi than being the best version of you?

It’s s big galaxy and what mentoring celebrates is that we can’t do alone and we shouldn’t have to. Join the Rebellion or the Empire but find a mentor that makes you even more excited about what you do.

May the force be with you all.