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Is Die Hard a Christmas Film? 

This is a question that has been debated for a long time (and will be for many Christmases to come). Now I have strong opinions on this and strong opinions at work are both a blessing and a curse when working with other people. John McClane at the Nakatomi Plaza, had his own way of dealing with people. But I can’t suggest his methods when asked about dealing with strong (or difficult) individuals. humans who make a difference to their neighbourhood and their community. Real humans that deserve our support. 

I like to challenge you to listen, really listen, to the other person’s opinion. Why do they believe this is right? Why do they care so deeply about it? You don’t have to agree but it is important to listen. By understanding where people come from and hearing them out before you speak it totally changes how you approach a conversation. When people feel heard and understood it improves things so much.

Try it with Die Hard. There are lots of opinions on this. Bruce Willis, for instance, says it is not a Christmas movie whereas the director, John McTiernan, insists it is. There is a great article on it from Digital Spy which explains why (see link at end of post) to boost your argument along with a podcast episode from The Nomads of Fantasy (title: Die Hard is definitely a Christmas movie).

I am sure the late Hans Gruber would approve although he wasn’t a great listener. More of ‘shoot first, don’t debate later’ school of thought – if only he’d had a business coach HO HO HO.

Whilst at your Christmas parties (and obviously debating the festive merits of Die Hard), try looking at the argument of where the film sits from the other person’s opinion. And in case of doubt, the definite answer, according to me, is that Die Hard is a Christmas film.

Yippee-ki-yay, melon farmers!!!