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Oxford is a city I love to visit. Today, I am planning on wandering around the city to do some Christmas shopping before drinks and dinner on a Richer Solutions day off

Here are a few of my favourite things to do in the city. Oxford always inspires me.

Walks in the Botanical Gardens are great. As are the walks along the river with the colleges set behind them. A stroll by the river Cherwell or Thames is nicely crisp in autumn and winter.

I will be picking up a hot chocolate in Knoops, just off Broad Street as I continue my tour of the city. There is always a queue – this is a good sign to me.

Then there are so many significant buildings to check out. The Bodleian library is a must, even for those who like talking (you can be quiet for a few minutes, even me but you will need a student to let you in.) The Duke Humfrey’s Library was an inspiration for the one used in the Harry Potter films. You can see why.

No visit to Oxford is complete without admiring the iconic Radcliffe Camera. While you may need to pay to enter the Bodleian Library, the exterior of this neoclassical masterpiece is free to behold. I always snap some photos and revel in the architectural grandeur that has become synonymous with Oxford and has featured in multiple films.  Just seeing so many fantastic old buildings can be inspiring.

Next, I will head to the Covered Market, established in 1774, for a unique shopping experience. There are loads of great independents here, and I like the food in the Donburi Inn in the covered market, followed by a hot cookie from the original Ben’s Cookies.

Aeroplane wing, blue sky and clouds

While you might be tempted to buy some goodies, the market is also an excellent place for a budget-friendly stroll. Admire the historic architecture and look up (you will see the fantastic Mad Hatter).

For a decent selection of drinks in a reasonably priced pub, check out the Lamb & Flag. Above the door is some Elvish, which I suspect a particular Mr Tolkien could explain.

As evening draws in, I love a whiskey by the fire in the Morse Bar, which is dedicated to one of the finest fictional crime fighters ever. This bar is part of an eclectic hotel and has a great selection of wines and whiskeys. Cheers from my day off.