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January is the month of people telling you what you should do for an amazing start to the year. I’m more about doing what makes you flourish all year round. Not starting something just because it’s a particular month and you feel under pressure to be yourself.

Here are 3 tools that I use in January and throughout the year – plus a bonus because it is January.

1. Success Factors

Social media, particularly in January, is full of people talking about setting goals so you can be successful. Smart goals are great for business, but for people, let me introduce you to ‘success factors.’

These are one of my favourite things to do with the clients of Richer Solutions. Every month, I challenge them to come up with five things, defining factors that determine whether they are a success. One of my success factors is that I enjoy my work. Define what will count as success for you in January and every single month.

2. Stop. Start. Continue.

This is an excellent exercise for strategically focusing as an individual and getting the most out of your teams or business. Define what will count as success for you in January and every single month.

✍️Write down 3 things you need to start doing.

✍️Write down 3 things you need to stop doing.

✍️Write down 3 things to continue doing.

Download my free Stop. Start. Continue. template and give it a go.

Stop. Start.Continue.

Free downloadable PDF

3. The Attitude Of Gratitude

I tried keeping a gratitude journal once.

It lasted for three days before I lost the habit. Right now, I do a daily practice online, and that’s had a remarkably positive effect on my life. You can do gratitude in so many different ways and it needs to be something that works for you.

Gratitude is part of my scaffolding and if January has made you think it’s something you ‘should’ be doing, then find a way to do it that allows you to be you. A way that you can regularly reflect on and appreciate what you have and what you’ve achieved.

Bonus: Blue Monday Playlist

Blue Monday was invented by marketing people to make people book holidays (true story) but you can see why it’s become part of what we do in January.

I use music to boost my mood throughout the year and I’ve put together a playlist of happy tracks (and yes, New Order’s Blue Monday features). Dance at your desk as you  listen to my Blue Monday playlist on Spotify.

In January, the answer is to keep it simple. Be kind. Remind yourself that it’s a bleak month of unrealistic expectations for many. Take some time out. Make a cup of tea (coffee for our North American friends). Go for a walk. Be nice to yourself, and then go and be nice to someone else.