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An independent, unique and quirky Art Gallery and gift shop.

It’s run and owned by artist Kate Rees. As well as a wide range of vibrant paintings, it also offers an eclectic collection of gifts curated by Kate herself. Visitors to Kate Modern are immersing themselves into the world of an Artist.



After a year of being in business Kate had seen her growth stall and was uncertain about how to stay enthused about marketing. Whilst the artwork was flourishing, the downturn in retail was beginning to bite.



Working with Richer Solutions we looked at how to grow sales in a way that felt both relevant and possible. A marketing plan along with content pillars was designed so that Kate Modern could share their art.



Richard gave me the confidence to believe that I could achieve. The ideas were broken down into bite size slices to avoid overwhelm and to enable success. Within 5 minutes I felt understood, this meant that I could see what I could in a confident and exciting way.

The creative ideas and strategies are being implemented and this is moving the business forward in a super positive way.